Raze 2 is a Good Example of a Highly Competitive 2D Shooter

Raze 2

It is not easy to develop an action shooter game without getting players that like to camp, and this is why it is even more difficult to create a well balanced stage that discourages the camping behavior. Raze 2, despite being a humble 2D shooter, manages to reach this balance of stage design alongside the difficult task of providing an accessible and addictive gameplay to players. You get to pick up a wide range of guns and power ups, choose your own player appearance, and duke it out in massive 2D stages complete with various environmental hazards that will make each round a unique and satisfying experience.

You Better Keep Moving

The game’s controls will feel a little slippery at first –moving deftly across passages is easy, but jumps are a little trickier. So expect to find yourself at a positioning disadvantage at the start of the game. As for aiming and shooting, the mouse does a pretty tight and responsive job at getting you to blow stuff up.

Anyway, the action in this game is constant and moving, so you better move too. Enemies will flank and outmaneuver you if you stay in one place too long –and in most battles, targets will spawn all over the map so you must try and diversify your preferred locations to do battle in. It is often a good idea to memorize a set route across certain stages so that you can have a foothold in every round that you take part of. Some players might prefer to camp weapon spawns, but snagging it away is not as hard as it may seem.

Get Creative

We said it once, we’ll say it again: players can get creative with weapons. Sure, you can always just walk straight up to your enemies and blast them in the face (which is actually quite effective), but you can also mine hallways, use blast radius to deal damage to targets that are hiding, and use ballistic type weaponry to confuse your enemy as to where you are actually firing from.

Of course, it also means getting familiar with the stage you are in –focusing on weapons that have very long range in a stage that has a lot of walls and barriers will play to your disadvantage in the same way that a spread damage weapon like a shotgun will not be effective in big open spaces.

Practice Makes Perfect

This game is fast paced, frantic, and fun. It also has a pretty decent learning curve which means that you should invest the time and energy to figuring out how the game plays and for you to adjust to the control scheme. Since the game community for Raze 2 is already established, other players will be leaps and bounds ahead of new ones in terms of skill. Try out the game’s single player campaign first before anything else as it helps a lot when it comes to polishing skills. Take your first couple of hours and run around the maps, figure out the usual spawn points for armor, health, weapons, and other power-ups as these will be crucial in surviving tough battles (and knowing the map layout allows you to know the best places to run to or when your enemy is heading towards a less advantageous position).

Not Quite All There

As impressive as this game is, Raze 2 still lacks plenty in terms of polish. There is a lot of performance lag that is noticeable when there are lots of elements onscreen at the same time. This jerkiness will also cause some player input to be ignored. As from that the visuals are still looking very dated amd lack a lot of the stylized textures seen in more modern works for flash (the sequel, Raze 3, is not much better). Still this is a game you play for the fan factor and the action –not the visuals, and in that regard, Raze 2 is excellent in delivering.